Lego robot:Color sorter&Catapult

Posted by Aftuz On 4/24/2010 05:33:00 PM 3 comments

Huh,tengah practice English.Jadi maybe ada salah grammar banyak.haha..dah berkarat dah.

The third challenge is to make the machines type.This time I made a color sorter machine that can sort different color balls and dispense them.For this, we'll learn how to utilize the color sensor ability
Difficulty levels::bright-star::bright-star::bright-star:
(Read more,ok)

Well nothing much to say,just go watch the video.Love to watch this machine,the basket turning,sorting it balls perfectly and actually I played it again and again.It's  fun. :D

From color sorter we can upgrade it to make a catapult.Just change the basket to the catapult one.Watch this cool animation from Mindstorm website first.

Quite scary isn't it?Well,the concept is to make the catapult throw diffferent color balls to different places.Well,it's quite difficult to make the same color balls to throw to the same place.It'll miss a little because the catapult swing to fast and the balls rolls to another places after been thrown.After a week experimenting with another mechanical parts and programming,I'm successfully reduce the error(but not 100%) :smile:


Eventhough the balls not  in the same place,at least we can see the differences.From this you'll know the truth that

-Catapult is very hard to operate-

Until next time :smile:


3 Response for the "Lego robot:Color sorter&Catapult"

  1. mahal ker binatang nih?
    kita kena pasang sendiri ker?

  2. r0sLiNa says:

    mcm2 robot ada kat sine :)

  3. Mr.A says: kena pasang sendiri..leh wat mcm2

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