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Posted by Aftuz On 4/28/2010 07:42:00 AM 3 comments

C++  programming language is popular and widely used for programming.If you don't want to miss it,here some of my suggestions.

Best website for learning free C++ tutorial

Have a brief description about c++ history etc. Stuck somewhere in programming? You can ask about it in the forum section. The good one is,there’s a forum especially for a beginner.

One of my favorites. Beside the tutorial, you can challenge yourself about your knowledge in c++ at quiz and challenges section. Good for practice c++.

Another one friendly website to learn C++.Got also the blog and forum to keep in touch each other. But the blog last update is March 6th 2009, so I assume it’s dead.

Divide to three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advance. So, you can see clearly where your level is.

Lecture handouts in pdf file format by Douglas C. Schmidt’s, lecturer University of California, Irvine

Free C++ programming/compiler software


                                                        As use in C++ for Dummies books



That's some of the best I know.If you got some suggestion to add,tell me ok.
Happy programming!! :poof:


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  1. last sem blaja C language..sem depan blaja C++..susah x...??? i mean the C++ one?? hikhik

  2. Mr.A says:

    c language tak pernah belajar.c++ tgh belajar.Dgr citer c++ upgrade drpd c,tpi x tahu la,susah ke x.tapi ramai kata susah..haha..semoga berjaya ye :D

  3. ooo..ic..hehe..ok3..thnx..:)

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