Gifu Trip 7,8 Dis 2011

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Still busy with the homeworks but manage to skip 2 days classes to go for a trip around Gifu.

Its a very pack 2 days trip as a monitor with Yamagatask. This time will be my home place, Gifu. which is popular with its beautiful nature.

Day 1:

Okay some briefing about Magome. "During the Edo period there were five roadways that connected Edo (modern day Tokyo) and outlying regions. One of it is Nakasendo.It had 69 posting stations of which Magome-juku was the 43rd.

A walk though Magome-juku will transport you back to the Edo period, some 300 years ago.. Visitors can hike a portion of the Nakasendo from Magome to Tsumago around 8km and you'll receive a certificate.They can help you carry your bags during the hiking with some $$$$$$."

The road is very steep and narrow but sometimes the locals drive through with a big van with no problem.You can try it also but remember to take an insurance just in case you end in someone house.

Japan post office and ATM in the village.Maybe outside its looks like this but actually the interior is same as in the city.Interesting isn'it?The vender machines also wrapped with the woods so it can blend with the village.

Waters from the drain flowing fast make it possible to move the wheel.

The wheel outside than become a mini hydroelectric generator.Enough to generate 374 watts in a time.

The guide explaining in Japanese around the village.Very friendly,just ask him,and he can explain to you very details.But I don't know if they have English spoken guide.But don't worry,some the signs around it also written in English

Gassho Village

Then,we went to the Gassho Village.A small village located east of the Gero Onsen area.There are ten historical Gassho-style structures that include the old Ohdos folk museum designated as a nationally important cultural property. They were moved from the world heritage Shirakawa-go and reconstructed about 40 years ago.

Gassho Village.
Closed: December 31
Entrance fee: Adults \800 Children \400
Special (charge-free) day: December 30

Inside at the center of the Gassho mura.

Relaxing a while in the foot bath.If you worried how to dry your feet after that,they're selling  bath towels for 200 yen,or just rub it at your jeans.

They also have a very long slide,but you must pay 100 yen a time for it.Let me tell you some secrets.****There's no one guarding at the top. know ...Ψ(' ▽')Ψ  *****

Gero onsen(hot spring)

Gero hot spring is considered one of the three best hot springs in Japan along with Kusatsu and Arima. The hot springs in Gero are said to be effective for treating rheumatism, impaired motor function, nervous disorders, and relieving fatigue. These springs are nicknamed “bijin no yu,” or “springs for the beautiful” because of the smoothness of the water, which aids complexion and skin tone. There are also a number of footbaths around town, which you can enjoy free of charge.
We got a chance to see inside suimeikan hotel.Which is to me a luxurious hotel.But they said they have a compatible rooms price also.You can check it here

The kabuki theater.I don't remember when they do it so you can ask them.

Dinner at our Shirakaba hotel.If you know the Yamazaki beef,than they have a a high quality hida-gyu which is popular in Gifu to grill it.Quite a fun to have a dinner with BBQ styles.

And at last I can relax in the open bath with hot springs waters on top of the hotels.Soaking in while watching the stars and the moon in the sky~.Its open 24 hours so you can go when there's no people.If u want to have some privacy,there've private baths at the cost 500 yen,for 30 minutes.

Day 2:
Showa mura village 
Here,you can time slip to the Showa period(1926–1989) .Mixing with modern and traditional lifestyle,there'is a lot of attraction to see,and sometimes they have events too.

Entrance fee-800 yen

9:00~18:00    Open Everyday
9:00~ 17:00   Open Everyday
10:00~17:00          Closed on Wednesday

The example's house.A mixing with modern and old design.

There're selling toys and candies also.When I in a primary schools then,we call the one in the green bottles,and the 8's candies as medicines.So when someone buy it,we jusk ask him "Hey,I want some medicines"or When we got tired like when cleaning our class-
"Everyone who want to become strongeer,eat this!!!ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ彡".

You can also try to make senbei(Japanese rice crackers).Don't worry as u have a nice instructors to teach u how to make a good one.And we got free senbei's too.Yeaaay!Thanks to our sponsor who willing to pay for us.Thanks! :D

There's go-cart too u can try.Rabu-rabu course?

I'm lucky to see the leaves still red in colour.The place is huge but we only got an hour to go around.There's a lot of other things like old schools model,fireflies,archeries etc and around 50 zones you can go.

Feather Museum

   The Fether Museum that is built by Feather Company that makes razors, shaving as well as surgical scalpels.

   The modern, two-storey Feather Museum - a "razor memorial facility" - is dedicated to the history of shaving, beards and hairdressing both in Japan and the rest of the world. There are interesting collection of razors and razor blades from around the world, recreations of historical barber shops, a section on mirrors, a children's play area and even a free shaving corner where the visitor can try out Feather's products.
Feather Museum
1-17, Hinode-cho, Seki-shi, Gifu
Tel: 0575 22 1923
9.30am-4pm (last entry)
Closed Tuesday
Free admission

Famous people and their beards.

3D animation display theater.Quite interesting to see.

Beside the razor,and the knife things there's also have a lot of things we can play.

 Looks how happy he is!!!Btw this how they do it in Edo period.And the center bald is the popular hairstyle at that time

A huge collections of the razor papers around the world.

Udatsu no Agaru Machinami

Welcome to the town of the richest!
  Udatsu no Agaru Machinami ) is the Edo style town with many traditional houses which remain since Edo period(around 300 years ago). The town name comes from the Udatsu,the traditional fire-protection roof which is also become a symbol of wealth and success of that house.The merchant here doing paper and sake business.

I remember I've seen the sign at the Kungfu Fighter movies.Again,only the rich can have this.Normally they use a wooden plate.

Around the city.They said that a long time ago,this street is considered very wide.One of the function is to avoid the fire from spreading across the street and two once again to show they're rich,the ojisan(guide) said.

Inside someone house that involve in paper business.Only the rich can use this guest rooms.How can we?Yes,we're rich enough because we already paid the tickets at the front.(¬_¬) Ok,actually,the sponsors paid us.

At the backyard garden.Very beautifull.

Souvenir shops selling originals paper lanterns.What the insteresting is,they make it by themselves.I bought one to bring home,too.

And here ends my trips.I hope there'll be more next year.


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