Mie,Japan Trip 5Okt2011

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Saje tulis omputeh,ad kesah?

On 5 Okt 2011,got a free ticket to Mie(三重) for two days as tour monitor.Not an easy job actually coz as I must write this to my blog (sori fo buroken Ingrish),answered some questionnaire and write the translations into Japanese.Nevermind,its free.hehe.

Ok,where's MIE?Google Map it.

Ok,on day one we went to the Toba Aquarium(鳥羽水族館).
You can find all the info's here ---> http://www.aquarium.co.jp/english/index.html.
It's quite huge but we managed to go every inches the aquarium within given time(2hrs 30min) somehow.

Let me share with you a secret.There have animal shows either at  A or L corner every 30 min from 10:30am to 15:00pm.The animals will be either seals,. penguin or walrus.You can get the show schedule(blue paper, Japanese) at the counter.Unfortunately I didn't find the English's one,so maybe you can just ask the staff there.

Also you can see the staff feeding the animals on
9:40 (I corner )
10:00(B corner)
13:00(I corner).
15:45(B corner)
16:20(I corner)

And some pictures

 "Yo,welcome to the Krusty Crab!"as Mr.Crab waving his hand to me.I don't see Sponge Bob.Maybe at the kitchen.

UFO invasion.

Moustache fish? 

Friendly neighbourhood.The middle seems not very friendly tough.

I saw them alive for the first time and this really freak me.Size around 26' bicycle tyre. What do you feel,gazing you with that eyes and sometimes release air bubble like a street punk.

Two big seals outside the aquarium.I'm trying to take a picture with them,and they BUM!! smacking the glass panel.Scaaaared..But don't worry,they're friendly,just over excited.Just hoping that the glass panel not cracked and ended on your body.There's a lot more.Go see it yourself.

After that we went to the Mikimoto pearls island,origins of the famous Mikimoto's pearls franchise,just next to the aquarium.It a small island with a bridge connected to it.
Admission fees and further info's you can see it here->

Here,there's a pearl museum you can explore.

 Capt.Jack Sparrow really want this.

 Cute staff explaining how the pearls are cultured.

And every hour(not sure) you can see women divers demonstrating how they harvest the cultivated pearls.

Its amazing how they can swim in the cold water just with a plain white cloth.Maybe driven from the 1500yen entering fees.

And also you can buy discounted pearl jewelries and souvenirs here.Its said that the Mikimoto's pearls are the finest in the world.http://www.mikimotoamerica.com/

The next day,we went to Ise Jingu, one of the noblest sanctuary in Japan. and is considered to be the spiritual home of the Japanese people.Its said that the jingu have 2000 years old history.

You can find detailed info's here->

Its huge,divided by outside(geku) and inside(naiku) and have 125 small sanctuaries in it.

Ok next,we went to the Oharai town and Okage town,just next to it.You can find souvenirs and  and gourmets here.

An old town with the building still preserved.Like you're going back to the 500 years ago.

If u plan to visit Earth don't crash at Japan or you'll be ended like this. Dried squid.

What's different from others is they provide bench,or like this open hall.You can eat Udon,Kakigori etc while enjoying the scenery with the wind breeze.A true relaxing...

There's game you can play too.

Ok,lastly we arrived at the Meoto Iwa.Or the wedded rocks.Here's the info

 They write their wish on a piece of wood and hang it.Asking for a good relationship with their couple or want a boyfriend/girlfriend for those don't have it.It's rude if you read their written wish,so don't ever trying your Japanese reading skills here.

Some husbands and wife,couples took pictures and I think that they believe they'll have a good relationship if taking their picture with the rocks behind it.

That's ended the trip.Hope you enjoyed it and here for more info's  ->


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